Unsung Heroes

Catherine O'Halloran

                  Portrait of the River Lee



Tarbert Power station



Cork City


Gardiner's Hill

When I was at school in Ireland our family car was a Ford ZB2763, purchased by my Grandfather and driven by two of my Uncles .My Uncle James was the engineer in charge at Tarbert Power Station in Co. Kerry and Uncle Edward was my hero in the Fire Department in Cork City. They shared the loft room of my Grandparents house in City View.  On my way home from school one lunchtime I gazed in horror as the Ford was coming slowly down Gardiner's Hill to meet me and I HAD NOT ASKED IT TO. Walking briskly up the hill ahead of me was Garda Kennedy who lived close by, walking behind me as usual was my fellow school bus traveller Richard Lawton who lived across the road from me in Herbert Park Lawn, who was a student at Presentation Brothers College, he was very serious and had wonderful sandy hair and on occasion he was as wild as a March hare. I shall always be grateful to Richard for helping my Grandmother with her heavy shopping from the English Market in the City. Most especially I shall be grateful to him for responding to the Garda's request to him to find a large rock which he, the Garda needed to place in front of the car tyres as he with no thought for his own safety had then stood in front of and strove to hold the runaway Ford. He then called to me to run and to quickly alert my Uncle Eddie.I can still remember running so fast to my Grandparents home and telling them of the situation whilst being so worried about the Garda so bravely tackling it on the hill. That day disaster was averted by two wonderful heroes of mine. If they had not been there that day I dread to think what might have happened especially as so many children travelled home from school at lunchtime and up that steep but wonderful hill. As I write this I am reminded of the Words of Scripture "He meets all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus".  He certainly met mine that day and many days since then, He will meet your needs also but more especially as you proclaim His Word for He said "he shall have whatsoever he SAITH"" in Mark Ch.11v23. When you proclaim the Word you will be amazed at the power it will generate on your behalf, my friends and I have seen many miracles because of our diligence in this, because the Word is ALIVE. We meet at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary Chapel to pray once every week and have seen miracles . All of my friends and those I love in Ireland are always in our prayers so you all need to expect that the Lord will also move on your behalf and in your needs. He is a miracle- working God and delights in blessing us whom He loves. Some years ago we asked the Lord to show us how to pray so that His people could be blessed, one of the first things He showed us was "MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED THROUGH LACK OF KNOWLEDGE" . W e of course all shouted,"give us the knowledge we do not want the people to be destroyed" and the knowledge has been coming since, we are often amazed at what we are being shown, more later, 

God bless you all , always Catherine 0'Halloran.